About Us

EuroGourmet is a premium distributor of specialty foods dedicated to Executive & Pastry Chefs. We take pride in our Superior Products and our Service-Par-Excellence mentality. We serve the most refined tables in the Midwest and South regions since 2000.


Superior Products

EuroGourmet imports and distributes thousands of products from around the world, bringing you superior professional grade products. Our goal is a constant search and determination to bring new and exciting products to our customers.


Service par Excellence

EuroGourmet provides the best and most timely service to our customers in the Midwest and Southern regions. We seek to exceed each customer’s expectations. Whether it be free local delivery when you hit $100 or free nationwide delivery at $450, we are sure you’re to find out why working with us will make your life easier (and cheaper).



From the finest hotels, resorts, casinos, country clubs, restaurants, caterers, upscale bakeries and grocery stores, we proudly supply a range of customers who delight in the innovative products we carry at EuroGourmet.